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Why am I doing this?

Our objective at Puzzle By Fred is to provide wider access to our services while protecting everyone's rights. The intentions are to encourage creativity, to facilitate trade, and to insure all involved are satisfied with the outcome.

The Puzzle By Fred Web site is open to the general public. Certain features, however, are only made accessible to registered customer members, such as being able to purchase prints or place bids in auctions. Registering to become a member is free, but we do have some restrictions: To become a registered member, you must either be over 18 years of age, or have the approval of your parent or legal guardian who is willing to fulfill your contractual obligations, and you must complete the registration process. You must have a valid email address to become a member, and you must keep your contact information updated in our records to maintain your membership. We also require that you accept and agree to our Terms of Service.


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